Two new Auckland Theology and Religious Studies publications

We are delighted to announce the imminent publication of two volumes that have been co-edited by Auckland TheoRel staff.

First up, Sexuality, Ideology, and the Bible: Antipodean Engagements, co-edited by Robert Myles and Caroline Blyth, which will be published shortly by Sheffield Phoenix Press as part of their Bible in the Modern World series. More details can be found here. To get a taster, see below for a brief description of the volume and its contributors:

What happens when explorations of sexuality, gender and the Bible go down under? This fascinating collection of essays, written by scholars located in the Antipodes, traverses the highly contested landscapes of sexuality, gender and biblical studies, revealing a myriad of sexual discourses voiced within both the biblical texts and their interpretative traditions. Recognizing that textual meaning is always shaped by the cultural and contextual baggage the reader brings to the interpretative task, contributors raise provocative questions about the meanings, identities and ideologies that surround biblical discourses of sexuality and gender, exploring how these have been and can be reshaped and reconceived.

Robert J. Myles
The Antipodean Underside of Sexuality, Ideology and the Bible
Deane Galbraith
The Perfect Penis of Eden and Queer Time in Augustine’s Reading of Paul
Emily Colgan
‘Come Upon Her’: Land as Raped in Jeremiah 6.1-8
Christina Petterson
Imaging the Body of Christ
Roland Boer
The Matriarch’s Muff
Alan H. Cadwallader
Paul Speaks like a Girl: When Phoebe Reads Romans
Gillian Townsley
‘We’re here, we’re queer – get used to it!’: Exclamations in the Margins (Euodia and Syntyche in Phillipians 4.2)
Elaine M. Wainwright
Queer[y]ing the Sermon on the Mount
Yael Klangwisan
Promethea’s Song of Songs
Caroline Blyth and Teguh Wijaya Mulya
The Delilah Monologues
Hugh S. Pyper
Response: Queering the Antipodes

And secondly, Caroline Blyth and Tim Meadowcroft (who is Senior Lecturer in the School of Theology, Laidlaw College) have co-edited a book called Spirituality and Cancer: Christian Encounters, which will be published in November by Accent Publications. The book is a collection of papers delivered at a ‘Spirituality, Theology and Cancer’ symposium held at the University of Auckland in February 2014. Details below:

Cancer disturbs most lives at some point. The contributors to this book all seek to find meaning within that experience, as carers, sufferers, medical professionals, pastors, theologians, and scientists. They offer no easy answers, but speak with an honesty that reveals the anguish and hope that arises from the presence of cancer in our world. The result is a rich reflection on the spiritual and theological meaning of cancer.


Caroline Blyth

Part I: Personal Responses

Catriona Gorton
Public Faith and Private Pain: A Quest for Authenticity
Alistair McBride
Dancing with Cancer: A Different Metaphor
Brian Brandon
A Healer in Need of Healing

Part II: Practical and Public Responses

David Nuualiitia
The Practice of Presence in a Hospice Context
Hannah Walker
Soul Nursing in Palliative Care: Spiritual Care of the Dying
Caroline Blyth
A Pilgrim’s Progress: Learning to Journey with the Dying Patient
Briar Peat
The Physician, Cancer, and Spirituality
Stephen Garner
Jesus Heals? Faith Claims in the Public Square

Part III:Theological and Theoretical Responses

Jeffery Tallon
Physics, Free Will, and Cancer
Tim Meadowcroft
Eternity and Dust? Considering Humanity, Cancer, and God
T. Mark McConnell
The Disruptive Power of Christian Hope: Suffering, Cancer, and Theological Meaning
Sue Patterson
Fruitful Dominion or Hubris? Creation, Vocation, and Cancer
Nicola Hoggard Creegan
A Whole New Life: Hope in the Face of Evil
Bob Robinson
“Cancer is Not a Disease. It is a Phenomenon”: Finding God in a Cancer-Strewn World


Richard Egan
Spirituality and Cancer: “Not a Saccharine Additive”
Tim Meadowcroft
Finding Hope and Yearning for Love

For those in the Auckland area, this Spirituality and Cancer volume will have it’s official launch on 13 November. The invitation is below and consider yourselves all warmly welcomed. RSVP to Accent Publications (e-mail included below)

Book Launch Invite