Advent offering 18 December

Today’s Advent offering will be a short one, as I’m heading off to do some Christmas shopping. As promised yesterday, I’m going to treat you to another portrait by that most wonderful artist Rembrandt van Rijn. I’ve chosen one of his most famous portrayals of biblical characters, Bathsheba at her bath (1654).

Rembrand van Rijn, Bathsheba at her bath (1654)

Unlike the biblical narrative in 2 Samuel 11, Bathsheba appears to be bathing indoors, rather than on the roof of her house. There is therefore no figure of David in the background, watching with a lustful gaze. Instead, Bathsheba clutches a letter, presumably from the King, inviting her to visit him at the palace (the painting is known by the alternative title of Bathsheba with King David’s Letter). As she lets her handmaid assist her with her preparatory ablutions, her face looks sad and troubled, foreseeing perhaps the terrible events that will unfold in the near future – David’s (unwanted?) sexual attentions, her unplanned pregnancy, the death of her husband Uriah, and the loss of her and David’s infant son. And so, without David there, we are left, as viewers, to take his place as voyeur, gazing upon her vulnerable body and desiring it, regardless of the consequences.

Back tomorrow for another Advent offering!

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