Advent offering 16 December

To mark the first day of Chanukah, I thought it would be apt to include a menorah in my advent image today. The menorah that came to mind is in a work by one of my favourite artists, Marc Chagall. These stunning stained glass windows can be seen in all their true blue glory in the Chicago Art Institute – Chagall created them to mark America’s Bicentennial and they were unveiled to the public in 1977. I was fortunate enough to see them in person a few years ago and remember being captivated by the myriad detail, rich symbolism, and stunning use of colour that wove their way through each of the glass panels. So, enjoy looking at them – and Happy Chanukah!

Chagall menorah
Chagall, America Windows (1977) detail

Chagall window 2


If you want to know more about these windows, follow this link here.

2 thoughts on “Advent offering 16 December

  1. 2101berne December 16, 2014 / 7:16 pm

    Happy Hanukkah, Caroline !!!


    • Caroline Blyth December 16, 2014 / 9:46 pm

      And to you Philip!


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