Public lecture

Theology at Auckland is delighted to be hosting Dr Christopher Parr from Webster University, St Louis, when he visits Auckland next week to deliver a public lecture here in the School of Humanities. Dr Parr is a Kiwi, who now lives and works over in the US, where he teaches East Asian Religions. He also has an interest in religion as it stands in relation to political conflicts, international cultures, literature and the arts, and media and popular culture. His lecture promises to be fascinating, so please do come along.

Religions as Maps of Reality: An Approach to Understanding Religion(s) for use in Multiple Disciplinary Contexts

Dr Christopher Parr, Webster University

Tuesday 10 June, 12-1pm, Lecture theatre 209, Level 2, Arts 1 Building (14 A Symonds Street, Auckland)

Religions have not disappeared (as the secularization thesis and many earnest atheists have forecast) – instead, numerous aspects of contemporary life are profoundly affected by religious commitments, histories, and conflicts. Dr Parr will show that the model of religions as ‘maps of reality’ can enable academic disciplines, not least those traditionally inimical to religion, to take religious adherence into account, and cope with it productively. He will relate this model to literature and the visual arts, international politics, and the health sciences, and then invite the audience to raise other academic and intepretive contexts in which to test the model’s applicability. He will also propose this model as instructive for Religious Studies itself.


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