New publication of note

biblebordersbelonging-cover-frontA fabulous new book has just been published by the Society of Biblical Literature (Semeia Studies Series), edited by Jione Havea, David J. Neville and Theology at Auckland’s very own Elaine Wainwright. The book, titled Bible, Borders, Belonging(s): Engaging Readings from Oceania, contains a series of essays by scholars from Oceania, including both Elaine Wainwright and also Auckland University Hebrew Bible lecturer, Nasili Vaka’uta. The book’s 14 essays discuss the impacts of natural disasters and political and ecological upheavals on biblical interpretation and theological reflection. They therefore open a new dialogue regarding the complex and ‘slippery’ nature of the Bible and the fluid meanings of borders (including borders of a text, thought, nation, community, or body) and belongings (to place, group, movement, and material and cultural possessions).

Below is a list of contributors and the titles of their contributions. Definitely a book to check out, I’m sure you will agree.


Jione Havea, Engaging Scriptures from Oceania

Elaine Wainwright, “Save Us! We Are Perishing!”: Reading Matthew 8:23–27 in the Face of Devastating Floods

David J. Neville, Calamity and the Biblical God—Borderline or Line of Belonging? Intratextual Tension in Luke 13

Kathleen P. Rushton, On the Crossroads between Life and Death: Reading Birth Imagery in John in the Earthquake-Changed Regions of Otautahi Christchurch

John Painter, The Prologue of John: Bridge into a New World

Ruth Sheridan, Jewish Readings of the Fourth Gospel: Beyond the Pale?

Merilyn Clark, Mapping the Boundaries of Belonging: Another Look at Jacob’s Story

Judith E. McKinlay, Slipping across Borders and Bordering on Conquest: A Contrapuntal Reading of Numbers 13

Nāsili Vaka‘uta, Border Crossing/Body Whoring: Rereading Rahab of Jericho with Native Women

Jeanette Mathews, Deuteronomy 30: Faithfulness in the Refugee Camps of Moab, Babylonia, and Beyond

Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon, Reading Rizpah across Borders, Cultures, Belongings … to India and Back

Jeffrey W. Aernie, Borderless Discipleship: The Syrophoenician Woman as a Christ-Follower in Mark 7:24–30

Jione Havea, Bare Feet Welcome: Redeemer Xs Moses @ Enaim

Gregory C. Jenks, The Sign of Jonah: Reading Jonah on the Boundaries and from the Boundaries


Michele A. Connolly, Gospel Maps: Intersections of Life

David M. Gunn, Breaking Bible Boundaries

Mark G. Brett, Bordering on Redemption

Book details

Bible, Borders, Belonging(s): Engaging Readings from Oceania, edited by Jione Havea, David J. Neville, and Elaine M. Wainwright. Semeia Series 75. Atlanta, GA: SBL, 2014. ISBN: 9781589839557  eISBN 9781589839571



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