ANZABS Facebook Group

Announcement over on my new blog ‘The Bible & Class Struggle‘.

I should point out that, in my newly appointed capacity as secretary of the Aotearoa-New Zealand Association for Biblical Studies (ANZABS), I created a Facebook group a couple of months back where members can discuss the latest and exciting happenings in New Zealand biblical scholarship. There is also a related email list that passes on important announcements, particularly around the time of the annual conference.

The ANZABS Facebook group takes pride of place as #1 on the Biblioblog Top 50 ‘Complete List of Facebook Biblical Studies Pages‘ thanks to its high ranking in alphabetical listings.


New blog: ‘The Bible & Class Struggle’

Having now completed my PhD at Auckland (and graduating last Tuesday!) I’m venturing out and starting my own blog to chronicle a new research project, ‘The Bible & Class Struggle‘.

The Auckland Theology team blog will continue to be updated by members of staff and postgraduates in the School of Theology at the University of Auckland but from now on my own posts will be located over on the new blog.